Scale Model Sizes

Scale models are available in various sizes and lengths (over 50 types). A scale is the most important aspect to be considered if you wish to order a model of a ship or a jet plane or a monstrous car, not its length, breadth and height.

Scale Size Guide

The scale size of any model is basically a fraction or the 1/nth cube of the model. Hence a 1:12 (also written as 1/12) means one-twelfth the original in length, breadth & height. Therefore a 1:12 car model is larger than (say) 1:18 or a 1:24 car. But a 1:50 truck will be longer than a 1:43 car. Got it?

Broadly, the following scale sizes are most commonly used by model collectors,

1:8 – These are monstrous in size & available in kit forms. Some are hand-made and numbered. These are extremely expensive and fewer choices available.

1:10 – Mostly 2 wheeler bikes and scooters come in this scale.

1:12 - They are large highly detailed model cars and 14 - 15 inches long. But because of its scale size and cost, they are collected by few. One also needs to have lots of space to display these. However, the 2 wheelers that also come in this scale size are popular with few collectors.

1:18 - These are large models that are 8 - 11 inches long. Though this size is popular in India, many collectors are now switching over to the next popular size of 1:43 for want of space.

1:24 - Beginners usually prefer this scale. There are few professional collectibles that are also made in this size.

1:32 - Most model tractors, farming vehicles & few car models come in this scale. Most 3 wheelers come in this size. Also known as "Gauge 1" in the UK.

1:34 - This scale is most exclusively used by the brand First Gear for their truck models.

1:36 - A common scale for toy models such as Bburago, Maisto, Kinsmart, Welly, etc.

1:43 - Professional Collectors abroad prefer them. They are the most popular scale for all types of model cars and trucks in Europe, Japan & Australia. Because of its demand, manufacturers make a wide range and a collector has a larger choice. In the UK, this scale size is known as "O Gauge".

1:48 - This scale is used for making model aircraft's, military vehicles and plastic construction kits.

1:50 - Most widely known scale for making construction vehicles, buses, and trucks.

1:55 - The Disney-Pixar cars from Mattel and Siku use the scale for its toy range of cars and trucks.

1:60 - Some pre-war and post-war military vehicles were made by Dinky Toys in the past.

1:64 - Most popular scale size for farm models and American model trucks.

1:72 - This scale is used for military vehicles due to its compatibility with 1:72 plastic construction kits. Also, most popular scale size for aircraft.

1:76 - These are tiny and are most popular in Australia and the UK. Buses and trucks also come in this size. In the UK, this scale size is also known as "OO Gauge".

1:100 / 1:144 / 1:250 / 1:400 - Some of the scale sizes, aircraft model manufacturers use.

1:350 / 1:500 / 1:600 / 1:700 / 1:1200 - Most of the models of submarines, boats are made in this scale size.


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