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Weird is Intriguing and Interesting

  Weird looking collectibles are valuable and rare, over time

Not many know this, but several collectors are always on the prowl for weird and strange looking scale models. They are seeking works of art that are rare, having unconventional looks. 


Such scale models have a ‘unique’ value attached to it. They also grow in value over time as there are not many manufacturers making them. And if someone does make them, they are either produced in limited quantities (as there are not many buyers) or they are lapped up by prowling collectors.


One of the models that can possibly be considered as a “weirdo” is this van from GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) from Russia – START. In the 60s, this model ran as a Taxi in Moscow.


And if there is one manufacturer who solely reproduces these constantly, it is Autocult from Germany. Its founder Thomas Roschmann can be considered to be the father of such weird and obscure looking models. In his own words, the Alamagny and Schlörwagen were the most difficult models he ever made. Surely, as one can imagine – in the absence of drawings and actual models, his designer has to depend on hundreds of vintage photos from all angles to measure its length, width and finish.



Every year Thomas releases few models that are unique and limited to only 333 pieces. These are made in resin and in scale size of 1:43 (the most popular international scale size). 


Surely, when one makes such unique models they don’t come cheap, given the cost of design and limited number production. But for some, they are worth paying even if it costs EUR 100 (or Rs. 7600/-) for a 5” long scale model. After all he is paying for its creativity and uniqueness.


So grab few “weirdoes”, if you find one. Add value to your collection. Having something weird can not only be intriguing, but interesting.


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