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Vauxhall Motors (pronounced VOX-hol) started making cars from 1903 and was acquired by General Motors, USA in 1925 (through its German subsidiary Opel). During the World War, the company also produced the famous Churchill tanks for the military.

Their cars were also endorsed by the Royalty in the UK in 1967. The model Cresta was also used by the Queen of England and other members of the Royal House.

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Sale Vauxhall Chevette
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The Chevette is the product of UK-based General Motors Division, Vauxhall. Being a mini car it was n.....
Rs.1,855 Rs.1,480
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageVauxhall Cresta by Friary
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The Vauxhall Cresta Estate cars were built by the horse-drawn coach builders Friary at Basingstoke. .....
Rs.2,955 Rs.2,780
sold-out-image sold-out-imageVauxhall Cresta Estate Queen Elizabeth
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This car was specially built by horse-drawn coach builder Friary (from Hampshire) was Queen Elizabet.....