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Mitsubishi Challenger
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Essentially the Mitsubishi Pajero, the name Challenger was used for the Pajero before the year 2015......
Shelter Jaune - 1 of 333 pieces
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In 1947, an engineer came to the conclusion that a small vehicle could be sold well over the ne.....
Sale Adler MB200
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Adler (Eagle in German) was a well known German motorcycle & car maker that made motos for 57 ye.....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,780
Alfa Romeo Disco Volante
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One may consider this to be a wrong creation at the wrong time. Alfa Romeo was going through a hu.....
Sale AMC Pacer
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Pacer, made by AMC (American Motors Corporation) was a 2 door car that were made between 1975-1980. .....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,880
APE AC Calessino
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The production of the Italian Ape AC began in 1956 by adding a windscreen and a cabin body.....
APE Calessino Presidential
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The Villa Rosebery that sits on a 16 acre plot, is one of the three official residences of the Presi.....
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageAPE Pentaro
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The APE Pentaro was a 3 wheeled light commercial vehicle Auto that had a 175cc engine and could be a.....
Rs.1,655 Rs.1,380
Auburn Boattail Roadster
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One of the most iconic cars of the thirties, the Auburn Boattail Roadster was powered by a 4.6 litre.....
Austin Healey Sprite
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The Healey Sprite was created in 1958 as a sports car that could be affordable and a fun 2-seater. T.....
Auto Union 1000S
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Essentially the DKW 3=6* car that was introduced in 1953, the Auto Union's 1000S had a mor.....
Batcycle - Batman and Robin
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From the TV Classic series is this Batcycle with both Batman and Robin. In 1:18 scale, this scale.....
Sale BMW 507
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Conceived on an idea from Max Hoffman an importer of BMW cars in the USA, this car BMW 507 went to p.....
Rs.1,955 Rs.1,280
Sale BMW Dixi (1928)
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The Dixi was BMWs first car and were produced for 4 years from 1928. The Dixi was based on the Austi.....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,780
Sale BMW Isetta 250
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After the World Wars, Europeans were seeking low-cost transport cars. BMW borrowed the designs from .....
Rs.1,855 Rs.780
BMW M535i E12
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The M535i was one of the first sports sedan from the house of BMW (pronounced Bee-EMM-Vay).  .....
sold-out-image sold-out-imageBMW M6
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It was in 1983 BMW took the M88/3 six-cylinder engine and put it in the E24 chassis of the BMW 6 Ser.....
Sale BMW R32 - 1923
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This was the very first motorcycle made by BMW in 1923.   After World War I, BMW had to s.....
Rs.2,555 Rs.1,980
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageBMW R69 with Sidecar
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The BMW R69S was made between 1955-1959. It had an air-cooled, 4 stroke, 594 cc, boxer twin cylinder.....
Rs.2,555 Rs.2,280
Sale BMW R90S
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The BMW R90S was designed by Hans Muth and produced for 3 years starting from 1976. It had a 2 tone .....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,980
Brabus Rocket 900
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Brabus is a high performance aftermarket engine tuning company. Essentially they re-design the entir.....