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The most successful light commercial from Tempo, Germany

The Tempo Matador was a light commercial vehicle built by Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werke GmbH in Hamburg, Germany in 1949. They ran only for a short period of time from 1949 to 1951 and came in both van and truck formats. Only around 5500 units were produced in total during its lifetime and fewer than 10 exist today.


Designed by in-house designer Dietrich Bergst, the Tempo Matador was an instant success in the European markets when it debuted in 1949. It faced stiff competition from other European marques like DKW, Goliath and Volkswagen as well.


Facing competition from Volkswagen was particularly unfortunate for the Tempo since part of its success came from the perky and reliable 25hp engine which Volkswagen provided, which it pulled to cease competition for its “T1 Transporter” range of vans.


This brought the company to a halt almost overnight, and Tempo was forced to redesign the Matador and search for new engines for the next dozen or so years. They approached companies like JLO and DKW who either turned them down or whose engines didn’t perform as expected.  Finally Tempo had to settle for engines from Heinkel Gmbh but their reputation had taken irrevocable damages and sales continued to decline. 


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