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Tatra pronounced (TAH-tra) is named after the Tatra mountain (it borders between present day Slovakia and Poland) started by producing horse-drawn carriages in the 19th century. Then in 1897, they produced the first car in central Europe. Today the Co. is more famous for manufacturing military trucks and 18 X 18 trucks. But in the past, the Co. gave some iconic car models such from the 10, 11 to the 603, 613 and 700.

In India, Tatra trucks are supplied to the Indian military and are made in a Plant at Hosur, Karnataka.

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Tatra 603-1
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The TATRA 603-1 was a rear engine luxury car that were produced from 1956-1975. This car was deve.....
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageTatra 87
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With a 95 hp engine, this Czechoslovakian built Tatra 87 could race at high speeds but was.....
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Tatra 87
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It is said that Ferdinand Porsche was so heavily influenced by the Tatra’s newly developed flat 4 cy.....