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Find stuff here, those that are beyond the conventional brands. It could be an Adams-Farwell or an Autoette. Perhaps a Graham or a Graham-Paige. Or could be an Gurgel or a Wolverine. Who knows may be a Khodro or a Tofaş?

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Shelter Jaune - 1 of 333 pieces
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In 1947, an engineer came to the conclusion that a small vehicle could be sold well over the ne.....
Sale Adler MB200
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Adler (Eagle in German) was a well known German motorcycle & car maker that made motos for 57 ye.....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,780
ALCA Volpe - 1 of 333 pieces
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On March 30, 1947 the Milan company “ALCA” (Anonima Lombarde Cabotaggio Aereo) presented the Alca Vo.....
Sale AMC Pacer
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Pacer, made by AMC (American Motors Corporation) was a 2 door car that were made between 1975-1980. .....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,880
Artega GT
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The ARTEGA GT is a German made car and so is its 1:18 version that comes from a German maker. &nb.....
Sale Aston Martin Lola LeMans 2010
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The Aston Martin DBR1-2 was developed jointly for racing by Lola Cars International & Prodrive a.....
Rs.1,955 Rs.1,680
Sale Austin Sheerline Hearse
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The Austin Sheerline were produced from 1947 to 1954. It had the luxury of a Rolls Royce and a Bentl.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.2,455
Sale Barkas Fire Dept. Ambulance
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Barkas, the well known East German automobile maker built these from 1961. So popular were these van.....
Rs.6,855 Rs.5,480
Sale Borgward Traumwagen
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German automobile maker BORGWARD wanted to diversify in to making military vehicles that would run f.....
Rs.12,855 Rs.11,680
Sale Bugatti EB18/3 Chiron
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A concept car built in 1999 by Bugatti, this 6.3 litre was a 2 seater sports car that was named Chir.....
Rs.3,455 Rs.2,480
Sale Cadillac SIXTEEN
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General Motors (GM) created this concept car called Cadillac SIXTEEN in 2003 that carried a powerful.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.1,980
Sale Delahaye 148L
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Delahaye 148L was a converted limousine made by the coach builder Letourner et Marchand Company from.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.2,480
Sale Dollar V4 (1933)
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Dollar was a very popular motorcycle manufacturer in France, in the 20s and the 30s. The V4 was 7.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.2,380
Sale Fire Tender Christie Front Drive Steamer - 1911
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J. Walter Christie an engineer as well as inventor decided to collaborate with the Front Drive Co. i.....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,880
Sale FORDSON Transport Bus
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In 1949, Ford UK built this FORDSON model to be used as buses and trucks. It had a 4.7 lit.....
Rs.4,855 Rs.2,380
Hanomag Diesel
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Hanomag the German producer of heavy duty trucks and tractors wanted to promote the use of diesel an.....
Sale Heinkel Trojan
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Heinkel, the aircraft manufacturer from Germany manufactured this microcar between 1956-1958 before .....
Rs.5,455 Rs.4,580
Sale Hispano Suiza Open Deck
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Hispano-Suiza (literally) means Spanish-Swiss and was one of the largest manufacturer of automobiles.....
Rs.4,755 Rs.3,980
Honda CB 900F
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The Honda CB900F received the nickname Bol d`Or. The name Bol dOr is taken from an endurance race he.....
Sale Hummer Stretch Limousine
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Hummer was more famous for its Humvee that was specifically developed for the military by AM (Americ.....
Rs.9,355 Rs.8,780
Husqvarna Nuda
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This HUSQVARNA bike was developed jointly along with BMW to offer technology with fun riding. With a.....