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Pegaso (pronounced PEE-gaa-SOH) was formed in 1946 and was owned by ENASA, a Spanish government firm. They made buses, trucks, armoured cars and few sports cars. They continued to make models until 1990 before Iveco took over. 

The Co. is now defunct but their models can still be seen in Latin America and Cuba.
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Sale Pegaso Double Deck Bus Coach
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This PEGASO coach may be considered as the world's first panoramic coach that had a split level deck.....
Rs.4,855 Rs.2,480
Sale Pegaso II Diesel Tanker Trailer
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The Pegaso II trucks also known as 'cheeky' trucks (because of cheek like appearance), were mad.....
Rs.4,455 Rs.3,880
Sale Pegaso Z102
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The Pegaso Z102 was designed by Wifredo Ricart (who was Enzo Ferrari's former colleague at Alfa Rome.....
Rs.1,555 Rs.980