He was only 39 years when he founded his company that would pave the change in shaking up the automotive industry.

Henry Ford made it possible for a common man to own a car through his creation of Model-T that was the world's first mass scale production car in 1907 (the car was assembled in 2 hours instead of 12 hours).

In 1924 the company produced its 10 millionth Model-T. The Co. produced a number of firsts-first to introduce a safety windshield glass on its Model A (1927), then the economy priced V8 engine car (1932), seat belts, child proof safety locks, seat belt reminder lights, etc..

In 1995, Ford joined hands with the Mahindra Group in 1995 and produced the Ford Escort in India. Soon after they went on their own to produce a number of cars such as Figo, Fiesta, etc..

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