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Sale  Mercedes Benz O10000
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The extremely heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz O10000 was a replacement for the L8500 in 1935. It was the la.....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,680
Sale AEC Regent III RT
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First introduced in 1939, the Routemaster (RT) buses that were developed jointly with the help of Lo.....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,480
Sale Citroen T23RU Bus
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The Citroën Type 23RU series was showcased by André Citroën at an automobile show in Paris in 1937.&.....
Rs.3,655 Rs.1,980
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageEbro Thames Airport Bus
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Ebro used to be a well known Spanish manufacturer of light duty vans and vehicles. For some time in .....
Rs.5,455 Rs.4,880
Sale General Motors MONTGOMERY Coach
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On a chilly evening on 1st December 1955, a small act of defiance by an African-American woman laid .....
Rs.4,855 Rs.2,280
Sale Isobloc 6.4.8DP Bus
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Originally an American made product the Isobloc brand and the manufacturing rights were br.....
Rs.3,655 Rs.1,980
Sale Lancia Esatau
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The Esatau truck model from car makers Lancia, were produced for over 15 years starting from 1947. .....
Rs.4,655 Rs.2,780
Sale Mercedes Benz O321H Vetter+Ramseier Bus
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The Mercedes-Benz O321 were built between 1954-1970 and produced in Greece, Brazil and Argentina wit.....
Rs.4,255 Rs.3,980
Sale Neoplan SKYLINER NH22L Coach
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This breakthrough design evolved in 1964 when Neoplan (coach builders) founder’s son decided to have.....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,280