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Peugeot (pronounced POO-zho) family started the firm in 1810 and made coffee and bicycles. In 1858, they got the “lion” registered as their logo. Armand Peugeot who first made a steam tricycle diversified by making the first steam powered car in 1889. He had a meeting with Gottlieb Daimler and got convinced that the future was in automobiles and invested heavily.

In 1994, Peugeot entered India by launching a sedan 309, but this failed miserably. However, their diesel engines (used by Mahindra) in the popular MM540/550 were highly successful.

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Peugeot 302 Darl'mat Roadster
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Emile Darl'mat was the owner of a Peugeot dealership. He also had a garage where he built special bo.....
Sale Peugeot 404 Diesel Record Car
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In the 60's, diesel cars were looked upon as noisy and weak. Peugeot proved this wrong by modifying .....
Rs.19,855 Rs.13,980
Sale Peugeot 504 James Bond For Your Eyes Only
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The Peugeot 504 entered production in 1968 and was crowned as the European Car of the Year (1969). O.....
Rs.2,455 Rs.1,580
Sale Peugeot 55 GL
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The GL 55 was a single cylinder, 175cc motorcycle made by Peugeot just after the war. .....
Rs.1,555 Rs.980
Sale Peugeot Hoggar - Scale Model Cart Special Edition
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The Peugeot Hoggar is a concept 2-seater off-road vehicle with 2 diesel engines that drive both.....
Rs.2,955 Rs.2,380
Sale Peugeot J7 Michelin
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The J7 van was produced by Peugeot from 1965-1980. Over 3 lakh vans were made and were very popular .....
Rs.2,455 Rs.1,680
Peugeot Onyx
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The Onyx was launched in 2012, by Peugeot as a concept car. The doors and the front fenders have .....