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Motobecane (pronounced MO-toh-BEE-can-NA) is a combination of two words - "moto" (slang for motorcycle) and "becane" (slang for a bike). It was formed in 1923 by Charles Benoit and Abel Bardin and made their first product, a 175 cc 2-stroke bike. In the 30's they were the largest producer of motorbikes in France. 

Some of their products such as the Mobylette can still be seen in many parts of the world (they were made in India and sold under the name Suvega from 1965 onwards). Motobecane was also the largest manufacturer of bicycles in France.

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Sale Motobecane AV 88 - SUVEGA Super
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The Blue as it was popularly known or the Motobecane AV 88 came in the 50's and were made until 2000.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.1,580