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In 1929, Czechoslovakian František Janeček bought the motorcycle division of Wanderer in Germany. The name JAWA (pronounced JAA-vaa) was established by combining the names Janeček and Wanderer. In the 50's their motorcycles sold in over 100 countries. They even attempted to make a car called the JAWA Minor.


In India, JAWA motorcycles were introduced in the 60's and were made at a factory in Mysore (Karnataka). They have a huge fan following and there are several JAWA Fan Clubs all over the country.

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Sale JAWA 354
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The Jawa 354 had a 2-stroke, twin cylinder, 350cc engine and were hugely popular in the Soviet Union.....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,580
Sale JAWA 50 Mustang
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The JAWA 50 (also known as the JAWA Mustang) was a single cylinder, 2-stroke engine motorcycle. .....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,480
Sale JAWA 500
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The JAWA 500 introduced in the summer of 1958 was a 500cc, luxury motorcycle with a double overhead .....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,980
Sale JAWA Pionyr 50 cc
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The JAWA Pionyr was a single cylinder, 50cc moped that was very popular among youth in the 70's. The.....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,680