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World's first portable motorcycle

It was in 1981 when Honda launched its compact car Honda CITY in Japan. To complement its usefulness, Honda designed the MOTOCOMPO, a portable motorcycle. The boot space of the car was designed in such a way that it could actually fit this motorcycle. Honda’s original idea was that the owner could take his car for camping and then can use the 2-wheeler to explore around.


 Motocompo’s handle bars, seats, side mirrors and foot rests could be easily folded into its rectangular box frame. Its 4 ft length x 0.75 ft width x 1.75 ft height made it a portable motorcycle. With a 2-stroke 50 cc engine, fuel consumption of 70 kms/litre, it could travel to a maximum speed of 42 km/hr and weighed just 42 kg.


Honda thought that they will sell more number of Motocompo’s than the City, but history took a different turn and the City turned out to be one of the most popular compact cars ever made. 

Motocompo however died a quick death in 1985, after only 53,000 were produced. And so ended the story of the world’s first portable motorcycle.

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