Gomolzig Taifun Stromlinie | Dc43-car1-sd51-blk
Gomolzig Taifun Stromlinie - 1 of 333 pieces
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Gomolzig Taifun Stromlinie - 1 of 333 pieces

1/43 RESIN Model Car

Brand: Autocult
Product Code: DC43-CAR1-SD51-BLK
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Highlights: - Premium collectible - Licensed product - Material: RESIN - High precision miniature models - Non-opening bonnet, boot and doors - Non-moving wheels - Exclusive Edition models (1 of only 333 pieces made)
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This car with the name Gomolzig Taifun caught people’s attention in the year 1949 because of its gull-wing doors.


Its builder was engineer Herbert Gomolzig who was a visionary with a clear idea of future automobiles. In his hometown at Wuppertal, when majority of the German population were busy organizing their daily lives post World War II, Herbert Gomolzig was busy designing a technically sophisticated and groundbreaking vehicle.


The most striking feature of his car were its gull-wing doors, which were covered to the top by simple hooked in cloth tarpaulin. Once rolled up to the middle, these adjustable tarpaulin conveyed a sense of driving a convertible. He stretched the technical limits of his of his imagination and this can be realized when one can see the thin roof strut, that served as the fixing point for the gull-wing doors that gave the impression that the car body was of flimsy construction.


Due to missing pillars his vehicle did not seem to have enough stability. Considering the materials and capabilities of that time, this balance between his extravagant design and stable car body appeared questionable. Perhaps for this reason Gomolzig’s ‘Taifun’ never went into production.


The only fact we know is that his car had a BMW chassis and a 4-cylinder BMW engine. For 3 years, the engineer experimented with his unique car but failed to get in to full scale production.


Finally, Gomolzig founded an own engineering office and catered to automobile firms as a Consultant.

Period 1947-1970
Year 1949
Model Origin Germany
Scale Size 1:43
Colour Black
Make Autocult

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