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Scale models or diecast are available in a wide range of options. Some are specifically made for kids and teenagers while others are for the professional collector. Some are available as ready models and some as do-it-yourself kits. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models and prices. This can confuse a person, new to this hobby. Scale Model Cart will make an attempt to guide you, the right way.

Selection of Models

Usually, people new to the hobby start collecting newer or latest models seen on roads, but serious and old-time collectors will focus on collecting vintage, rare-to-find and unique hard-to-find models. Some collect models based on themes e.g. (say) only Mercedes-Benz or Moto Guzzi, some collect Ambulances, Taxis or Police vehicles, some like possessing brands that are now defunct to some who collect memorabilia belonging to the erstwhile communist countries. Few like collecting ones made for Emperors, Presidents and the Maharajahs and some collect race winning models.

Selection of Scale / Size

Scale models come in various sizes.
At the moment, popular in India are the 1:18 and the 1:24 diecast models that are available almost everywhere. Most keep buying them and end up stacking them inside cupboards since they occupy a lot of space. It is also a misnomer that buying larger sized scale model is good as they have a higher degree of detailing, with doors and bonnets that can be opened. True this is, but only if you have lots & lots of space in your city apartment or if you live in a palatial villa or have a large farm house.
But, 'small can be beautiful' too. These days with advanced processes, manufacturers are able to give a higher degree of detailing on a 1:43 scale. For the same reason, 1:43 models are also made in resins. Some models are pre-mounted on a small platform. Since it is the preferred scale for collectors abroad, one has access to a larger range of models.
Having smaller sized models also has advantages. One can display 3-4 cars of scale size 1:43 in place of a single 1:18 model. Imagine having 17-20 miniatures instead of 5 large sized ones. After all, does one keep the doors & bonnets of their 1:18 open while being displayed on shelves? Certainly not. Also, the small ones do not cost a 'bomb'.


If you have a problem with dust, display your collections in a covered display unit. Scale models should never be placed in direct sunlight or any artificial light, as colours will fade fast.


It is essential to maintain what you purchased. All scale models that are kept in the open or inside the original box, preferably be kept at room temperature in a relatively dry environment. Where there is lots of humidity in coastal areas, use of dehumidifiers from time to time is advisable. These days portable dehumidifiers are available in India. They will not only protect your valuable models but also those automotive books & magazines that are sitting on your shelves. Over a period of time, exposed scale models do tarnish or colours fade. To avoid having this, apply a coating of wax as soon a diecast is removed from its packaging. For re-waxing, it's recommended to do once every 5-7 years. Today, there are several such wax products that are easily available in the market. To dust the interior, use a thin paint brush.

Trading of Models

Scale model collectibles are relatively inexpensive when released, but they appreciate quickly over time. Several serious collectors use that to their advantage to get more out of their investments. Certain models can appreciate 7-10 times their retail price or even more over a period of time. There are few Collectors who collect several same pieces, only to sell them later at a premium.


Scale models are collectibles that are meant for display. These are not toys. There are several small parts that may cause an injury to a person if not handled properly.

Scale Model Cart recommends such products to be handled with care. NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS BELOW 14 YEARS.


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