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Shelter Jaune - 1 of 333 pieces
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In 1947, an engineer came to the conclusion that a small vehicle could be sold well over the ne.....
Sale Adler MB200
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Adler (Eagle in German) was a well known German motorcycle & car maker that made motos for 57 ye.....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,780
ALCA Volpe - 1 of 333 pieces
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On March 30, 1947 the Milan company “ALCA” (Anonima Lombarde Cabotaggio Aereo) presented the Alca Vo.....
Sale AMC Pacer
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Pacer, made by AMC (American Motors Corporation) was a 2 door car that were made between 1975-1980. .....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,880
Sale Ariel Atom 500
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The Ariel Atom 500 gets its name from its 500 hp,  V8 engine as well as its 500 kg. weight that.....
Rs.7,555 Rs.6,980
Sale Bentley Speed 8 #7 Le Mans 2003
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The Le Mans race which is a 24 hours race is the world’s oldest and active car racing event. The foc.....
Rs.28,555 Rs.19,780
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageBerliet Bus Coach
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Berliet developed this coach using their V800 8 cylinder, 6.92 litre diesel engine that gave 170 HP .....
Rs.4,855 Rs.2,980
Sale BMW R90S
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The BMW R90S was designed by Hans Muth and produced for 3 years starting from 1976. It had a 2 tone .....
Rs.2,355 Rs.1,980
BRDM  Amphibian Military Patrol Car
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BRDM (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina) means Combat Reconnaissance Patrol Vehicle in Rus.....
sold-out-image sold-out-imageBSA Gold Star
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The BSA Gold Star motorcycles were made from 1956-1963. These had a finned alloy engine, a chrome pl.....
sold-out-image sold-out-imageBuckle Dart - 1 of 333 pieces
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Bill Buckle, an Australian was a man who sensed an opportunity at the right time. While demand for s.....
Sale Cadillac SIXTEEN
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General Motors (GM) created this concept car called Cadillac SIXTEEN in 2003 that carried a powerful.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.1,980
Sale Citroen Tourist Bus Coach
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This double decker coach built on a Citroen chassis plied the streets of Paris in the late 50's. On .....
Rs.4,855 Rs.2,380
Sale De Lorean DMC 12
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This De Lorean car was launched in 1981 after undergoing trials for 6 years. It was named .....
Rs.7,955 Rs.6,780
Sale DKW RT 175 VS - Rajdoot 175
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The DKW RT 175 models were made by DKW (an Auto Union Co.) for 5 years starting from 1953. The .....
Rs.2,555 Rs.1,780
Sale Dollar V4 (1933)
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Dollar was a very popular motorcycle manufacturer in France, in the 20s and the 30s. The V4 was 7.....
Rs.2,855 Rs.2,380
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageEbro Thames Airport Bus
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Ebro used to be a well known Spanish manufacturer of light duty vans and vehicles. For some time in .....
Rs.5,455 Rs.4,880
Fardier de Cugnot - 1769
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Though disputed by some, it is actually a Frenchman Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot who built the first workin.....
Ferrari 612 China Tour
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It was on 29th August' 2005 that this event began with 2 Ferrari 612's leaving Shanghai to travel fo.....
sold-out-image Sale sold-out-imageFoden FG Milk Carrier
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The FG model truck from Foden was built in 1956 and its production continued until 1963. It was.....
Rs.3,855 Rs.2,680
Sale FORDSON Transport Bus
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In 1949, Ford UK built this FORDSON model to be used as buses and trucks. It had a 4.7 lit.....
Rs.4,855 Rs.2,280