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Flying Ford ANGLIA

The Harry Potter Car

In the winter of 2002, the Harry Potter film "Chamber of Secrets" released. You will remember, that there is a scene where Harry Potter is shown locked up in a room at Dursley’s and was unable to receive any mails from the Wizard community, since Dobby the male house elf wanted to protect him.


It was then, George, Fred and Ron Weasley come in their Flying Ford Anglia and rescue him. The car was modified by Weasley, so it could fly and also become invisible with the use of an Invisibility Booster. The car could fit 8 people, 6 trunks, 2 owls and a rat.


Now, guess the car model used in the film? It was a Ford ANGLIA 105E, a model made by Ford in the UK.


More than 1.5 million Anglia’s were made between 1939-1967 making it as one of the most popular car model for nearly 30 years in the UK. This model was identified with its full width sloping chrome grille having prominent headlights and a sweeping nose line.


This car also came in van version as Ford ANGLIA 307E from 1961. The vans had several structural differences such as a higher ground clearance and a taller windscreen. The side doors were shorter with the bottom curving upwards to prevent contact with high pavement kerb while carrying full load, and the two large side hinged doors at the back provided easy access to its ample 61 cubic feet of load area. And so, the van version became quite popular with large and small businesses.


And if you missed the Flying Ford Anglia, well, why not see the movie again?


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