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Tasty VOLKSWAGEN Sausages

Currywurst is a dish of fried or grilled pork sausages that are cut in to pieces and served with a special tomato sauce or flavoured ketchup. It is one of the most popular fast food item that is available in most industrial canteens, college campuses and food kiosks in Germany.


The recipe was invented in 1949 by a lady called Herta Heuwer who ran a food stall in Berlin. She took grilled pork sausages, cut them into pieces and served them with a special sauce that was a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and Madras curry powder (she brought these from British soldiers stationed in Germany).


Now, did you know that Volkswagen (VW) makes the most popular Currywurst in Germany with their Volkswagen Currybockwurst. VW also have an official part number 199-398-500-A for this product.


The number of smoked sausages they make beat the number of cars they produce worldwide. Last year, nearly 850 tons (7 million sausages) were sold along with 600 tons of their special ketchup, Gewürz ketchup (specially made by the cheese firm Kraft). Compare this with the 5.8 million cars that VW sold worldwide.



The story goes back to the late 40’s (after World War II) with their factory located in a distant village in Fallersleben area. This factory had a large farm area where they produced food products and sausages for their employees. Actual branding of VW sausages began in 1973.


All these years they had pieces of beef to enhance taste, but things changed after the ‘Mad Cow’ disease in the 90’s and today they are made entirely of pork. They also have a chicken variant. From 2010, they started making vegetarian sausages, given the number of growing vegans. Today, 28 employees churn out 30,000 sausages daily.


Some more interesting facts,

- They have 50% of lesser fat than the traditional sausages.

- They are smoked with beech wood.

- Just like any VW spare part, each sausage casing is stamped with the words - Volkswagen Original Parts.

- They are sold in more than 10 countries.

- VW distributors in Germany also gift a packet of these to their customers.


Volkswagen wanted to symbolise Currybockwurst and so in 2015, commissioned a famous Austrian designer to create something unique. And so, a sausage looking van got evolved out of their T2 van and today this icon can be seen at the VW’s Wolfsburg plant.


Scale model maker AUTOCULT, known to create rare collectibles will honour this creation, this December, by making only 165 pieces titled “VW Currywurst” in 1:43. Yes, unique pieces are always made in 1:43 scale.



Did you taste one? Well grab a piece of Volkswagen Currybockwurst next time you are in Germany, since they are now available in few supermarkets, as well.

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