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Automobile Art

By the One Minute artist

Most of you must have never heard of this Austrian artist who is known to make art out of nothing and that too in just 'one minute’. His automobile art is intriguing. Some may call it kitsch* art or another might call his art gluttonous**, but whatever one may call his creations, he is quite famous abroad.

* objects or arts that are of poor taste, but ironic
** eating and drinking more than the normal

Meet Erwin Wurm, who has been making One Minute Sculpture and One Minute Figure for the past 20 years.



According to him, the concept of sculpture is alteration of the mass and volume that is similar to that of a human body that loses or gains weight. The objects of his art works are simple and those that can be easily identified by a layman.

For his One Minute Figure, he uses items such as a meat sausage, a knitted woollen wear, pencils, paper, pins, etc.



For his One Minute Sculpture, he uses humans as the object to show emotions and psychology that are both deeply connected within a person.



If you are in your 40's or 50's and then listened to English 'funk metal' music in your college days, you must have seen his creations, but surely missed it. They featured in the 2003 music video “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Their bassist Flea, also featured in the same video by becoming an Erwin Wurm creation with markers inside his nostrils and pencils in his ears.


For his 3 dimensional sculptures, he uses a mixture of fabrics, paints, styrofoam, resin, etc. This can be seen in most of his intriguing automobile art where he tries to combine a mechanical object to the biology of a human being.

One of his creation in 2001 was the “Fat car”, where he used a Porsche, reformed its shape and stuffed it with polyurethane foam (styrofoam). He then sprayed the car with a special red colour lacquer. The message he wanted to convey through his 'swollen' work of art was the link between a beautiful mechanical object and an obese human being.


Then in 2004, he created the “Fat Convertible”.


And then another masterpiece “UFO” that he unveiled in 2006.


Through his above creations, he expresses his criticism of our present day value system, where advertisements feature slim girl models, sculpted muscular men but at the same promote obesity prone foods.

German car maker Volkswagen, who also make sausages (read our blog Currybockwurst – Tasty VW Sausages at wanted to create an icon that would combine a mechanical object (automobile) and their tasty sausage. They commissioned Erwin Wurm who went on to create the Curry Bus in 2014 with the help of eleven Volkswagen trainees.


To commemorate the same, a famous scale model maker recently created a metal replica in 1:43 (yes, unique scale models are always made in 1:43 scale).


Some of his other creations include the,

Misconceivable (below left), Telekinetically bent VW Van (below right), Twisted Renault (bottom below left) and Bent Truck Mercedes-Benz (bottom below right).


                                              Mercedes Bent


An automobile can be used more than just transporting people or goods. They can be turned in to a beautiful art object, if there is a creative mind and this is where the artist steps in.

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