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The idea of creating Scale Model Cart emerged when we were scouting for scale models that were different from everyone else.

Be it the online websites or any large ‘toy shop’ in a local Mall, essentially, they were all the same – same manufacturers, same Chevrolets, Ferraris, and Harley Davidsons. There were no Puch or Moto Guzzi bikes. Nor did we see any Holden or Panhard cars. Neither a Hotchkiss truck or a Ford bus.

We were looking for something more than the usual drab, sizes that were different from the conventional 1:18 or 1:24 scales, models that could be parked inside our homes in small display spaces, not tucked away in a cupboard or attic due to lack of space. We were seeking works of art, something that added value, unique and distinctive.

This idea led to the foundation of Scale Model Cart.

We hope to introduce you to brands that were as big as the Cadillac or Dodge, that remained behind the Iron Curtains to the ones not known in the common public domain. And for the conventional buyers, well, we will try to offer something 'not so usual'. 

There is also a general perception among many collectors that 'big is good', but we say 'small is beautiful'. At Scale Model Cart, we will endeavour to make an attempt to change this perception into visible reality …… well we will try our best. And for the overwhelmingly defiant fans to have everything 'king-size', well, we will have something different to offer.

We intend to provide you with this impetus to aggregate collectibles that go beyond the normal. You will also be introduced to models that actually ran in India, be it the 'Dukker' Fiat, the grand old lady 'Amby', the workhorse 'Matador', the sporty Standard Motors 'Herald' to the 2 wheeled road king & queen Jawa and Lambretta. Replicas that ran before 1900's, post our independence in 1947, Y2K …. to those that will be driven in the future.

Scale Model Cart intends to offer products that are precise, detailed and which will form remarkable possessions in your repertoire. And one thing we assure - each product you purchase will have its history and legacy.

In short, our tagline sums it all Diecast - get more than the usual or as they say in Hindi - Zara Hatke.


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