Reyonnah Scale - 1:43

Soon after the end of World War II, people once again started buying automobiles. Businessmen started buying small sized trucks and the common man, smaller cars. So much so that roads in Paris got clogged with vehicles and people experienced long traffic jams.

In order to find the right solution, Robert Hannoyer came up with an idea of a foldable car that could squeeze inside tight places. He had already been working on this idea for about three years. 

The car was named Reyonnah (reverse placing of alphabets that made up his family name, Hannoyer).

The front wheels were fitted outside the car body and the 15” rear wheels with lesser track width was fitted as in a normal car. The car’s front wheels, when parked, would fold towards the inside and its width reduced from 132 cm to just 75 cm. During the process of folding, the nose of the car would go up. This way this car would squeeze in a place fit for a motorcycle. It rightly earned the nickname of the ‘Parking Dwarf’.

With an 8 hp engine, this microcar could do a top speed of 80 km/hr. Though this car didn’t require a license to drive, Robert Hannoyer could not succeed with his folding model car because of high production costs. In the end he could sell barely sixteen of them.

A rare microcar model with only 333 pieces created.


- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: RESIN
- High precision miniature models
- Non-opening bonnet, boot and doors
- Exclusive Edition models
- On plinth (platform base) with plexiglas hard-display case
- Only 333 pieces created
Brand Potpourri
Period 1947-1970
Year 1951
Model Origin Italy
Scale 1:43
Box Dimension (in inches) 7 x 3 x 3
Color Cream / Red
Make AutoCult
Theme Microcar
Material Resin

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