Peugeot 302 Coupe – Darl’mat Scale - 1:18

Emile Darl’mat, a Peugeot distributor had a garage that upgraded cars to suit individual taste of customers. It was Darl'mat, a close friend of Marcel Pourtout (of the famous coachbuilding firm Carrosserie Pourtout) who introduced Georges Paulin (a dentist with a flair for automobile designing) to Pourtout. Pourtout immediately hired Paulin as the Chief Designer after looking at his designs and discussing his ideas.

Peugeot had then launched the models 302 and 402 in the year 1936. The 302 was a car with a shorter wheelbase while the 402 was one with a longer wheelbase (they came in lengths of 124 and 133 inch).  Darl’mat saw a chance to make something elegant out of both the models and so asked Pourtout and Paulin to create something breathtaking. He discussed his plans with Peugeot who offered to give him not only the rolling chassis but also allowed him to use his personal name to be attached to the model name.

Darl’mat does the mechanical upgrade and sends it over to Georges Paulin to do the rest. Georges Paulin (he was also a French resistance fighter) takes this Peugeot 302 and uses the more powerful 2-litre engine of the Peugeot 402 model. He designs the slim body with separate front and rear fenders. Air vents in Art Deco design (a type of design that emerged in the early 20’s that had a strong geometric essence) are fitted on both sides of the engine bay. 

This Darl’mat Peugeot 302 was produced in small numbers.

This metal model in 1:18 has opening doors and bonnet.

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- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: ZAMAC (zinc alloy), Rubber and Plastic
- Moving wheels
- Opening bonnet and doors
Brand Peugeot
Period 1901-1946
Year 1937
Model Origin France
Scale 1:18
Box Dimension (in inches) 13 x 7 x 6
Color Black / Yellow
Make Norev
Theme Street
Material Metal

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