Mercedes Actros GigaSpace - MirrorCam Scale - 1:18

The Actros from Mercedes-Benz truck division is a heavy-duty truck meant for hauling heavy loads starting from 18 tons. 

With two options to the customer i.e. a 12 litre OM 501 V6 engine with power output range between 310 - 480 hp and the OM 502 V8 engine that takes it further from 350 – 650 hp.

The truck comes in 4 cabin configuration based on the type of usage,
S - for daily operation such as cement trucks and carrying construction materials
M - for distribution vehicles. It offers just a bare minimum sleeper without much comfort
L - Low-roof long haul cab with special sleepers for drivers
LH MegaSpace - these are long haul high-roof cabs, with lots of driving comfort and two sleepers provided for the driver and his assistant. 

With choice of 17 different types along with five different roof shapes - CompactSpace, ClassicSpace, StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace, the Mercedes Actros GigaSpace models have a very tall floor-to-ceiling distance  for free driver and co-driver movement. 

MirrorCam, introduced by Mercedes in 2019, are two digital cameras that are mounted on the left & right of the roof with two 15 inch. monitors that are installed inside in front of the driver, attached to the A-pillar. This facilitates easy manoeuvring and assists driver to check traffic at the rear. 

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- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: ZAMAC (zinc alloy), Rubber and Plastic
- Opening model
Brand Mercedes Benz
Period null
Year null
Model Origin Germany
Scale 1:18
Box Dimension (in inches) 16.5 x 9.5 x 12
Color Red
Make NZG
Theme Utility
Material Metal

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