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“The simplest toy - one which even the youngest child can operate is called a grandparent”.


I started serious collection in the early nineties when scale models such as Bburago & Maisto models (to be precise) were being made available in India. But the seeds of this hobby were sown fifty-eight years earlier, 1961 to be precise. 

I was just four at that point in time! My late father had returned from the Liberation of Goa campaign (Goa was then a Portuguese colony) and brought me and my late elder brother Rajiv some Dinky/Lesney (Matchbox) toys from Panjim. These included a Humber, Nash Rambler from DINKY and a Lesney 1 ton Trojan van in Brooke Bond Tea livery. 


The joy it gave us playing with them knew no bounds! Even though these were our earliest DINKY possessions, they have, surprisingly survived our playing days and are still my possession. From then on it became a passion for me to acquire DINKY’s and know more about them and their collection.