Grumman Avenger Mk II - 855 Sqn - NAS Scale -

The Grumman Avenger was the British version of the American TBF-1 Avenger. Under the World War II USA's lend-lease agreement just over 400 were given to the British Government, following which most were deployed by the Fleet Air Arm for use during the conflict. 

The Mk II was a single engine monoplane with capacity for up to a four-man crew. It was classed as a naval aircraft torpedo bomber although it could be deployed as an ordinary bomber when necessary. Its offensive forward armament comprised two forward facing Browning machine guns plus a further rear-facing defensive Browning machine gun in the turret. The aircraft protection was quite substantial with steel plating and bulletproof glass where it mattered. The pilot, engine, controls and fuel were all located at the front of the aircraft and there were more fuel tanks located in the wings adjacent to the fuselage.

855 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) was part of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm stationed at Hawkinge in Kent. From its base it carried out 'Channel Stop' missions designed to stop enemy shipping entering the English Channel. The Squadron also escorted assault convoys and took part in night raids on German E boats (fast attack craft) and minesweepers that could prejudice the Allies' Operation Overlord.


- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: ZAMAC (zinc alloy), Rubber and Plastic
Product Name Airplane
Scale 1:72
Box Dimension (in inches) 9.5 x 9.5 x 3.5
Make Oxford

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