FM NSU Ro 80 Scale - 1:18

Claus Luthe the automotive designer who started his career with FIAT before he joined NSU/Audi designed this elegant car called NSU Ro 80. With truncated boot, wedge shaped waist, clean cut-out flanks, the Ro 80’s curved nose stood out. Its headlamps were seated inside an external glass cover and the car windows had stainless steel trim.

Under the bonnet was a 115 hp twin-chamber Wankel engine (first made by Dr. Felix Wankel who also worked for NSU). It is a type of internal combustion engine that uses an eccentric rotary design to convert pressure into rotating motion in which all parts rotate consistently in one direction, as opposed to the common reciprocating piston engine.

What drivers enjoyed most was her equal weight distribution and super smooth engine. Also the car featured Alfred Teves (ATE) made disc brakes on all 4 wheels. All these made the car most suitable for driving at high speeds on autobahns (highways).

About 37,000 cars were built in 10 years right from the time it made its debut in 1967.

- Soiled box. Model in mint condition.

Box Dimensions: 14.5 x 7 x 6
Make: Minichamps

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Out Of Stock

- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: RESIN
- High precision miniature models
- Non-opening bonnet, boot and doors
- Exclusive Edition models
- Only 504 pieces created
Product Name FLEA MARKET
Scale 1:18

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