Cadillac – The Beast - Obama Scale - 1:43

Though called a Cadillac, it is not built on General Motors (GM) Cadillac platform but on the chassis of a large pick-up truck or some other unique platform.  Even the headlights are from Escalade and the tail-lights from an older model called STS. The nick-name Beast got attached because of her fearsome looks and also because of the various gadgets it carries inside.

During President Barrack Obama’s tenure this Cadillac was used extensively by him. The Beast has several features that include the following,

- Weapons such as pump action shotguns and tear gas cannons are fixed inside the car. It is said that even guns are hidden in the front grille. The boot is equipped with smoke-screen dispensers, tear gas and even a firefighting system.

- The Beast has an emergency alarm, enough oxygen supply in case of a chemical attack and the President's blood type (in bags), in case he needs an urgent blood transfusion.

- Cameras that have night-vision lenses and controlled from the dashboard.

- Fixed windows that have five layers of glass and polycarbonate. Only the driver's window can be rolled down to a maximum of 3 inches.

- Doors that are 8 inch thick (armoured doors) and whose weight equals the weight of an aeroplane cabin door.

- Runflat tyres that are puncture-resistant and reinforced with heat-resistant Kevlar so that even if these are punctured, the car can be driven on steel wheel rims.

- Car body is 5 inch thick military-grade armour that has a mixture of aluminium, titanium, ceramic and is covered with fiberglass panels. The undercarriage is also made from armoured steel floor plates to protect the President in case grenades and bombs are thrown underneath the vehicle.

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- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: ZAMAC (zinc alloy), Rubber and Plastic
- Moving wheels
- Non-opening bonnet, boot and doors
- On plinth (platform base)
Brand Cadillac
Period 2000+
Year 2009
Model Origin USA
Scale 1:43
Box Dimension (in inches) 7.5 x 3 x 5
Color Black
Make Greenlight
Theme VIP and Royalty
Material Metal

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