Buick LeSabre Concept Scale - 1:18

Highly inspired by the tail designs of fighter jets, General Motor’s (GM) designer Harvey Earl created this unique concept car in 1951 after sketching and re-sketching for almost nine years. It was this very car that gave the world the concept of having wrap-around windsheild, tail-fins, etc. The new car was labelled Buick LeSabre Concept.

To keep it light, her body was made up of fibreglass, aluminium and magnesium. Powered by a supercharged V8 engine, this car could run on both fuels i.e. petrol as well as methanol placed inside two separate fuel tanks and had an Hydramatic automatic transmission (patented by General Motors). This car had hidden headlights, bold front grille design, two separate storage tanks for fuel - methanol and petrol, etc.

It was so attractive, that Harvel Earl preferred to drive this car for two years clocking nearly 65,000 kms.

Even the Russians followed the development of this car closely and managed to steal it's drawings. Their car was much longer at 18 ft. and was called the ZIS-112. This car was also launched in 1951 (see last image) and also participated in few races.

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- Premium collectible
- Licensed product
- Material: RESIN
- High precision miniature models
- Non-opening bonnet, boot and doors
- Only 1000 pieces created
Brand Potpourri
Period 1947-1970
Year 1951
Model Origin USA
Scale 1:18
Box Dimension (in inches) 16 x 7 x 6
Color Silver
Make Best of Show
Theme Concept
Material Resin

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